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Hello all.I joined this community not to long ago...and figured it was time for me to post something  so I come with fanfiction. Constructive critisism/comments  are  very much appreciated!I hope you enjoy!

Title:I'll love you forever 1/2
pairing: Chenzel
author:miss_artist (aka under_yur_spell)
Rating: PG
disclaimer: I do not own Kristin Chenoweth or Idina Menzel.
summary: I suck at these. kristin helps Idina with a problem and is rewarded in the end.



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Ryan Angie

Thank you sir

Compared to Ames, I look obsessive with these fanlistings, but then I have all day to browse and find them, where as she is busy, and I guess the point of this is to build up Fls, Icons and fanfiction right? well since my icons are not very good, and I'm going through horrible writers block, I can say I am using the ammount of these things to make up for my lack or everything else, is that fair?

With Amy being busy next week, I don't know if I should post more or less, I could post few little things every day or so, or, since its seems to only be us right now, I should probably put it all in one post?

That is most likely what I will do, considering I like dumps more anyway.

Funny, I spoke more for this useless post than my intro.

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More ... whenever.
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Forgive Me

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Forgive me if I don't update much next week I have a ton going on, the only nights I have off are Monday and Wednesday so it's going to be busy busy. Will and Grace series finale tonight I'm going to cry really really hard.

Here are the new fanlistings

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Amy the Vain

Welcome ^.^

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Okay so this is the first post here at Faded Lip Print *Cheers from the crowd*

I'll just take an opportunity to introduce myself, I'm Amy and this community is run by myself and Mya. The purpose of this community is to spread as much creativity as we possibly can.

I hope to have fanfiction, icons, fanlistings, graphics and all kinds of stuff by the time we get this place really up and running so feel free to join and post your stuff! Don't worry you can have your own personal rules if you're posting graphics or anything like that but here are my top three rules for the community.

1)No flaming, we're all here to share people not rip each other to shreds. If you are having a problem with someone just alert me and I'll see if I can take care of it.
2)Give credit, if you take someones work do NOT claim it as your own. I will from time to time post icons that I did not make myself but I will ALWAYS give credit to the people who made them.
3)If you're posting fanfiction please please please put a rating on it, and warnings if there need to be, not everyone wants to read pure smut

Now if all of that is clear just sign up and have fun!