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Hello all.I joined this community not to long ago...and figured it was time for me to post something  so I come with fanfiction. Constructive critisism/comments  are  very much appreciated!I hope you enjoy!

Title:I'll love you forever 1/2
pairing: Chenzel
author:miss_artist (aka under_yur_spell)
Rating: PG
disclaimer: I do not own Kristin Chenoweth or Idina Menzel.
summary: I suck at these. kristin helps Idina with a problem and is rewarded in the end.

Kristin woke up from a deep sleep to the sound of moaning.She slowly opened her eyes and rolled over,expecting to
find Idina.Although the spot was still warm,there was no sign of the brunette anywhere.She slowly sat up and looked around her
room.She noticed that the door was opened,and she could see a light coming from the kitchen.

Kristin glanced at the alarm clock. It was 3 in the morning.She pulled the covers off her body ,and got out of bed. She
walked clumsily towards the kitchen and said,

"Idina,what are you..." But upon entering the kitchen, she noticed that Idina was not there. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked

around her dark apartment.The only other light source was coming from underneath the bathroom door.Kristin sighed and started to

walk towards the bathroom and stoped outside the door. When she heard another moan,Kristin lightly knocked on the door and asked,

"Idina? Are you okay?" When she didn't get a reply,she slowly opened the door. Idina was sitting between the tub and the

toilet,leaning against the wall. She was hugging her legs to her chest and was resting her for head on her knees. Concerned,

Kristin walked

over to the girl on the floor and knelt down next to her. She rubbed her fingers on the girls shoulders and repeated her question,

"Are you okay Dee?" Idina just shook her head. Kristin frowned,growing more worried.

"Do you wanna tell me whats wrong?" Idina turned her head so she could look at the blonde through teary green eyes. Kristin had to

lean forward to hear Idina's almost inaudible voice.

"I hurt"

Kristin started to rub her arms to sooth her a little.Her heart broke at the sight of tears running down the brunettes cheeks.

"Honey, where do you hurt?"

Idina had moved so her forhead was in its original position. She winced and went to clutch her stomach, "Everywhere." Fresh tears

started to roll down her cheeks.Kristin sat next to Idina and put her arms around her

shoulders,pulling gently so Idina would lean against her. She started to run her fingers through the long brown locks and said,

"What kind of pain is it?" Idina closed her eyes as she settled against Kristin's chest.

"They're cramps.The pain spread to my lower back and all the way down my legs. It hurts to move." She said the last line almost in

a whisper,like she was afraid that if she talked louder,her body might explode. Kristin sighed, and rested her chin on the top of

Idina's head.

"Have you taken anything?" Idina shook her head.

"I didn't make it to the medicine cabinet.I couldn't even stand up straight." Kristin stoked the girls arms.

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"I didn't know i was going to need help getting the friggin' midol in the bathroom.besides, you get cranky when i wake you up in

the middle of the night." Kristin pulled away from Idina a little bit so she could look at her.

" I do not get cranky when you wake me up."

"Yea...okay, and i'm santa clause." Kristin huffed.

"Idina..." Idina brought her hands up to her head and massaged her temples.

"Can we not argue right now...I have a headache." Kristin sighed and got up. Idina returned to her fetal possition as Kristin went
over the tub and turned the water on. After adding some bubbles,she walked over to the medicine cabinet and took out the bottle of
extra strength midol. It took her about five minutes to get the stupid cheno-proof cover off the bottle. When it finally

opened,she poured two capsules into her hand and placed the bottle back in the cabinet. She filled a plastic cup full of water

from the sink, and walked back over to Idina.

"Here. Take these." She handed the capsules and water to Idina and watched as she swallowed them. She took the cup out of her

and threw it in the waste basket, then went over to the tub. She sat on the edge as she run her fingers through the water, mixing
the bubbles around a bit.Once it was full enough she turned it off. Kristin walked over to Idina and leaned down to take one of

the girls hands in her own.

"Come on love, lets take a bath." Idina didn't protest, and she grasped the blonde's hand as she pulled her up onto her feet.

Idina winced a little bit, grasping her stomach with her hand.

Kristin placed her hands at the base of Idina's over sized t-shirt, and slowly lifted it up. Idina automatically lifted her
arms above her head so the blonde could take it off completely. Kristin dropped Idina's shirt on the floor, and ran her hands
slowly over the girls naked upper half. She tip-toed a little so she could capture Idina's lips in a chaste kiss. She started to
kiss down Idina's neck and chest and abdomen. Her hands came to the waste band of the shorts  and pulled them down her long, toned
legs. Bending low, she gently lifted each of Idina's legs as she pulled the shorts off. Kristin proceeded to do the same thing

with Idina's panties. Once she was totally naked, Kristin took her hand in her own and guided her over to the tub.

She allowed Idina to support some of her weight on her shoulder as she climbed in the the hot water. Once Idina was sitting
comfortably, Kristin stripped her clothes off her body and climbed in next to Idina. Once her body adjusted to the hotness of the
water, she pulled Idina so she was resting in between her legs. Idina's back was pressed against Kristin's chest, and her whole

body moved in time with the blonde's breathing

Kristin snaked her arms around Idinas waist and started to massage her stomach. Idina sighed as she leaned further into the
blonde's body. Kristin rested her chin on Idina's shoulder and started to hum into her ear. They both started to sway side to

side, and Idina placed her hands over Kristins', which were now massaging up and down her legs.

The humming started to turn into a song, and Krisitn started to sing the words softly into Idina's ear.

"If tomarrow never comes, I would want just one thing. I would tell it to the stars and the sun. I would write it for the world to
see. And its you, the light changes when your in the room. oh its you, oh its you. If tomarrow never comes, i would want just one
wish. To kiss your quiet mouth. Trace you steps with my finger tips. And its you, the light changes when your in the room, oh its
you. Oh its you...."

Idina sighed and turned her head so she could look at Kristin. She leaned her head in for a slow and passionate kiss.

They stayed in the water, running their hands over each others body and stealing kisses, until it started to get cold. Idina tried

to stifle a yawn, and she leaned her head back onto Kristin's shoulder. The blonde looked at Idina.

"You ready to go to bed baby?" Idina opened her eyes and nodded. reluctantly she moved out of Kristin's embrace and got out of the
tub,Kristin right behind her. They were both shivering. Idina got a big towel and wrapped it around her shoulders,then opened her
arms and wrapped Kristin in the towel with her. Kristin snuggled into Idina's embrace, their bodies warming up. Kristin pulled

away,taking Idina's hand in her own and they walked back to her room. They both slipped on panties and t-shirts before they

climbed under the warm covers. Idina nestled into kristins' small body, both of them trying to get as close to the other body as

they could. Kristin started to trace patterns on Idinas' back.

"Did that help?" Idina sighed and moved her hand to her lower back.

"A little. My lower back still hurts." Kristin kissed Idina's head.

"Do you want me to give you a massage?" At Idina's nod,Kristin pulled out from underneath the brunette. Idina pulled her shirt up
over her head and turned onto her belly. Kristin straddled the taller woman's legs and ran her hands over the smooth skin of her
back. She pressed her thumbs into her skin and started to move them in slow circular motions. Idina sat still,breathing in and out
through her nose.

"Lower."Kristin's hands moved lower, and she pressed down a little harder as she started moving her hands again. She continued
rubbing her back until she heard and felt Idina's steady breathing. She stopped moving her hands and bent down to kiss Idina's
Shoulders and neck. She kissed all the way down to her lower back, and felt her start to move under neath her touch. She almost
fell over as Idina turned around to lay on her back again. Kristin crawled next to Idina and layed down on her side. Idina turned

to face her. Kristin's breath caught in her throat as she looked into the deep green eyes of her lover. Pure love and devotion

pouring out of them. She brought her hand up to cup the brunettes cheek.

"Feel better?" Idina answered her with a kiss. She moved her lips against the blondes soft pink ones,slowly at first. She felt her
open her mouth and Idina's tongue immediatly accepted the invitation. They both moaned as their tongues clashed, and gently
fought against each other. Idina captured Kristin's bottom lip and started to gently suck on it, drawing groans from the smaller

woman. Kristin alternated between running her hands through Idina's hair and moving them up and down her body. Idina released

Kristin's bottom lip, and rolled over onto her back, pulling kristin on top of her as she started to kiss her again. She placed

her fingers on Kristins chin,urging her mouth to open wider so she could deepen the kiss,and reach further inside her mouth.

Kristin's moans filled the room as their kiss got more passionate. Eventually they slowly lessened the intensity of the

kiss.Moving from one long, intense kiss, to many short,chaste kisses. Idina ran her hands up and down Kristin's back as their

breathing starting to slow down. She moved her lips to Kristins nose, then both her cheeks and back to her lips.Then she wrapped

her arms around Kristins body, and hugged her. Kristin shifted so she could rest her head on Idina's chest and sighed.The room was

silent, accept from the slightly heavy breathing.

"I love you so much."Kristin looked up at Idina and smiled at her.

" I love you to baby." Kristin placed one more kiss on her lips and snuggled back donw on top of her lover. They both sighed
contently, and sleep gradually took over. The room was filled with the even sounds of the two women, both breathing in time with
each other, as if they were one person.

* * * *



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